Green Health Care

The Health Care Research Collaborative was developed to assist hospital and health system executives with research to guide sustainable choices in health care design, construction, operations and organization. The Health Care Research Collaborative is based at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, with a mission to stimulate the development, coordination and dissemination of research focused on the impact of the health care "built environment," operations, and organization on patient, worker and environmental safety and sustainability. This interdisciplinary approach reflects the growing understanding among health care leaders that patient, provider, and community health and safety are profoundly interrelated.

Several priority issues steer our research agenda:

  1. Integration of patient, worker, and environmental safety:
  2. Production of evidence to provide a decision-making base for operations and construction of facilities;
  3. Evaluation of the costs and benefits of proposed changes in new policies and practices, including initial capital investment, institutional life-cycle costs, and community impacts.

The Research Collaborative has published a series of white papers that explore existing research and identify research gaps in a number of areas of health care safety and sustainability (downloadable below). We also develop original research projects. The Collaborative works closely with the Healthier Hospitals Initiative, a group of hospitals that are leading the way on sustainability, and with Practice Greenhealth, a membership and networking organization for hospitals engaged in sustainable health care.

More information about our reports and presentations from Clean Med meetings can be found at:

We welcome inquiries:
Peter Orris, MD, MPH, Chair

Susan Kaplan, JD, Research Director