Medical Surveillance Program


The University of Illinois Occupational Health Services Institute provides comprehensive occupational and environmental healthcare service for employers, unions, and workers.‌We provide necessary medical tests & vaccinations (including yearly for influenza) either routine or one time workforce on-site screening. We also conduct site inspections for risk identification and can provide on-site industrial hygiene assessments. We can coordinate a medical surveillance program to satisfy your organization’s occupational health care needs; to assist your organization in complying with OSHA Standards; and to increase health awareness in the workplace.


  1. Comprehensive physical examination and evaluation
  2. Medical history review
  3. Audiometric screening
  4. Electrocardiograms
  5. Vision screening
  6. Laboratory evaluations
  7. Substance abuse testing
  8. MRO review
  9. Chest x-rays
  10. Executive health examinations
  11. OSHA-mandated exams
  12. Foreign travel examinations and immunizations
  13. Respiratory Fit testing
  14. Medical advice and consultation about your organization’s occupational health issues
  15. Physician site visits for risk identifications
  16. DOT evaluations
  17. On-site medical screening available
  18. Employee assistance programs
  19. Rehabilitative medical referral services
  20. WTC volunteer physicals (.pdf or .doc)


The Medical Surveillance Program is part of the clinical services provided by teaching faculty of the Great Lakes Centers for Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health of the University of Illinois School of Public Health, a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre. Our physicians are board certified in Occupational Medicine with 5-30 years experience in providing services in both the public and private sectors.

  1. We offer a medical specialist and counseling assistance referral network.
  2. Our nurses are certified in spirometry and audiometry.
  3. X-rays are evaluated by a certified B-reader.
  4. We have direct access to all the resources at the University.

David Marder MD,MPH is the Director of the Medical Surveillance Program and Director of University of Illinois Employee Health Services. He is board certified in both Occupational and Internal Medicine. He is Assistant Professor in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences in the UIC School of Public Health.


Medical Surveillance brochure (pdf file, 220KB)


OHSI Medical Surveillance Program

University Health Service
835 South Wolcott, Room E-144
Chicago, Illinois 60612


Shelly Lanz. Coordinator